It all started out of desperation for a good nights’ sleep!

After struggling for years with her young daughter’s inability to fall and stay asleep, chronically tired Mom (and Social Worker), Cheryl Zide, was finally at her wits end. She had tried just about every natural sleep aid and relaxation technique with her daughter, but nothing worked.

With her own health deteriorating due to a lack of sleep, she realized that there had to be safe and natural way to help her daughter finally sleep through the night. As a last ditch effort for everyone in her house to finally get some long overdue rest, she turned to her trusty essential oils to see if she could create a “sleep blend”.

She spent countless hours researching different oils, and their chemical constituents. Like a mad scientist in her laboratory (our kitchen table) she went to work to create and refine the perfect “sleep blend”.

It didn’t take long for her to realize that she was finally on to something.

The first night she tried her new formula on the bottom of her daughter’s feet, not only did she settle down and fall asleep quickly, but she slept deeply and restfully through the night.

Her daughter said that it relaxed her and helped her fall asleep. Plus, she really liked the feeling of the roll-on bottle on the bottom of her feet…and the calming smell.

As she told her friends and family about the exciting news, one by one they began asking if they could try this formula with their children. They also experienced incredible results with this “sleep blend”.

But getting the children to fall and stay asleep was only half the battle. Parents realized that after so many sleepless nights, their sleep patterns had also been disrupted.

Fortunately, it didn’t take long for someone to realize that if this “sleep blend” worked for children, it would work for adults too.

And a proven formula was born with Roll Over & Sleep!

It wasn’t long before other people began to hear about Roll Over & Sleep…and wanted to know where they could buy it.

But the story didn’t stop there.

Since Roll Over & Sleep works so well, it didn’t take long for people to begin asking if there were other blends, for things like indigestion (Zen Belly), seasonal allergies (Ease Your Sneeze), relaxation from stress (Let It Roll Off), speeding up the recovery from an illness (Get Well Soon), and more.

And that’s how Scentsible Healing was born.

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